Bootfighter Windom XP SP-2


Explosive fighting game starred by giant robots



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Bootfighter Windom XP SP-2 is an spectacular fighting game starred by enormous robots that will make you remember Transformers or Gundam.

You'll have to combat throughout 4 different scenarios versus the twelve robots included in the game. Each robot has different habilities having to do with their design although missiles and cannons are the main way of fighting.

The game modes included in Bootfighter Windom XP SP-2 are five:

-Survival, Fight versus other robots while you are alive.

-Practice, learn basic movements versus a computer controlled robot.

-Team Battle, Battle your enemies in teams armed to the teeth.

-Blitz Tactics, military attack where enormous ships take part in.

-Online multiplayer game.

Remember that your robot can fly and attack in many different ways, from a piar of centimetres to onehundred meters thank to different weapons and ammo.
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